EPIC Website Overhaul In addition to my full-time freelance career, I'm associate director of the nonprofit EPIC. Two years after our launch, we realized that our focus on helping other nonprofits market themselves had detracted from our own web presence. If we were to continue growing, our site needed to reflect the quality of our work and strength of our mission. This site—a collaborative effort undertaken entirely on volunteer time—is the result. I’m immensely proud to have been part of the leadership and writing team on the project, which will help EPIC thrive well into the future.

Who We Are

A sample page from the site. The basics.

Talent is a renewable resource.
Let’s use it to build a better world.

EPIC empowers creative people to make social change happen. For our creative rallies—eight, intense, fun weeks of collaboration—we pair hand-picked volunteers from the advertising and design industries with nonprofit clients dedicated to education, children and families.

During the creative rally, each team creates programs and materials—on a strictly probono basis—that their nonprofit client will use to positively impact the lives of those they serve. The team leader—a creative director or principal designer from one of Chicago’s most sought-after shops—directs a group of creative professionals whose skill set matches a client’s specific needs.

For creatives, it’s the chance to work with other like-minded professionals across the industry—and to use their talent to create social good. For nonprofits, it’s the chance to develop the kind of world-class, strategic marketing that their missions deserve. And when nonprofits and creative people join forces, they make a bigger impact on the world than either could alone.

A Few Things Creatives Love About EPIC

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“Compassion is as much a creative tool as strategic thinking and brainstorming.”
– Ashley Meroney, EPIC team member

You’ll meet other creative, whip-smart people you might not otherwise get to know—including people from highly regarded advertising and design boutiques.

You’ll help nonprofits that need your expertise. By extension, you will also help the people these nonprofits serve.

Being part of an eight-week creative rally is an adventure. It’s something like a reality TV show. After all, you don’t choose your team members or your client, so there’s an element of the unexpected. Imagine “Big Brother,” only nicer. And cooler.

We celebrate the work—and the people responsible for it. At the end of each rally season, we throw a launch party for all the teams and nonprofits involved. It’s a great time to mingle with new people and see the creative solutions designed by other teams.

We’re not asking you to sign your life away. The commitment is finite: creatives donate about five to ten hours per week for eight weeks. That includes a two-hour weekly meeting, plus three to eight hours of time of designing, writing and/or concepting.

Your rally ends in eight weeks, but that doesn’t mean your relationship with EPIC has to end. You’re welcome back any time—as a volunteer, supporter, advocate or even, yes, as a participant in another rally.

A Few Things Nonprofits Love About EPIC

This page is directed at prospective probono clients.

“How can we ever thank you for assembling this team and doing such wonderful work?”
— Barry Benson, EPIC client

As a nonprofit, you’ll get a team of motivated, skilled professionals who treat you like a first-tier, big-time client.

The creative team is focused. They approach your business issue strategically, and really bore down to your most critical needs.

Like the nonprofit professionals you work with, your rally team embraces your cause and works amazingly hard to do what’s right for your organization. It’s almost like having a dedicated marketing department on the job. It’s about you. Not them.

There’s no describing what it’s like to have professional, strategic marketing counsel for your most pivotal issues. Suddenly, you have a communications plan as big and bold as your cause.

As the client, you are as much a part of the celebration as the rally team. It’s fun to mingle and network with other nonprofits and their key people, let alone hang with a bunch of fun and dedicated creatives.


The concepting, design and implementation of this site included the talented people I list below, with shared leadership from fellow board members Mark Drozd and Tim Hogan and EPIC’s Executive Director/Founder Erin Huizenga.

TEAM E4E included, at various points: Philip Barash; Steve Batterson; Miguel Cervantes; Tricia Chamberlain; Mark Drozd, E4E Team Leader; Brigid Eduarte; Laureen Feeny; Greg Hinchman; Tim Hogan, Marketing Committee Lead; Courtney Hoover; Erin Huizenga; Kelly Kaminski; Katie Kowaloff; Sonja Kramer; Kamil Kecki; Joe Liu; Scott Reinhard; Vincent Smolucha; Anne Serr; Carey Stansbury and Megan Weinerman.