Batory Foods Web and Social Media Content Batory Foods, a distributor of high-quality food ingredients, has tremendous expertise in its ranks. To leverage that, every line of copy I craft (down to the last tweet) reinforces Batory's thought leadership. These market overviews, below and in PDF form (right), present Batory’s value proposition in each of seven sectors. A sidebar with trends and quotes about food—like Audrey Hepburn on chocolate—give the B2B language a just-right scoch of levity.

Nutrition Market

The first wealth is health.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson, thinker, writer and poet

The nutrition market is full of possibility and promise. For consumers, it represents the prospect of a better—and even longer—life. It’s little wonder that nutrition has captured the imagination of so many consumers. In 2010, the functional food market hit $24.2 billion, expanding nearly 1.5 times from 2003.

Demand for healthy and better-for-you foods spans every market, from beverages to dairy and beyond. Our ingredient list is just as far ranging. That makes Batory an important resource. Whether you’re looking for a dairy-derived protein for your energy bar, an alternative fiber source for your baked goods or a high-intensity sweetener blend for your low-calorie beverage, Batory has what you need to achieve that sought-after “healthy halo.”

But if you really want to thrive in this sector, you need more than the right ingredients. You need the right partner. Nutrition might be full of opportunity for manufacturers, but it also presents a host of challenges, including ill-defined terminology, ever-changing government regulations and flash-in-the-pan fads.

Batory Foods works by your side to navigate the complexities of this market, solving problems and devising solutions to enhance your R&D efforts. Leveraging the technical resources of our vendors, coupled with our internal expertise, we provide market intelligence in general and counsel on innovative or alternative ingredients specifically.

In this fast-growing area, a partnership with Batory is the difference between falling behind the curve and capturing a “healthy share” of the multi-billion dollar market.

Bakery Market

Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people.
—Audrey Hepburn, actress

Bread. It’s the staff of life—a form of sustenance that dates to prehistory. And while it’s influenced the arch of world history, the ingredients have remained essentially the same for centuries. What has changed—and to a dramatic degree—is the marketplace for those ingredients.

The recession hasn’t prevented the overall growth of the $19 billion bread market, but prices on wheat, corn, sugar and other staples have spiked. Vulnerable to natural and man-made events across the globe, the supply and costs of the commodities you rely on fluctuate dramatically.

Batory Foods helps shield you from that volatility and guide you through the changes. Diligently studying the markets, we negotiate volume and fixed-price contracts to lock in costs and secure supply as much as possible. And because our buying power far exceeds that of an individual bakery, we add value to your operations and your bottom line.

Grouping together ingredients, we can deliver exactly the amount you need, exactly when you need it—eliminating the stress of storage and warehousing. That kind of “just in time” flexibility is critical for bakeries, since your output changes with the holiday seasons. One thing that will never change—no matter the season—is our commitment to providing you with best-in-class service and quality.

Candy Market

It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.
—Laura Ingalls Wilder, author

People will give up all sorts of luxuries in a challenging economy. They’ll forgo restaurant dining. They’ll clip coupons until their scissors go dull. But their stash of licorice? Their weekly square of chocolate? Hands off. Candy is sweet enough to overcome the sourest economy. In 2010, confectionery shipments hit $18.37 billion, up from $17.89 billion in 2009.

Candy is a crowded market. But there’s always room for one more confectioner with a good idea. To be sure, the legacy candy brands will always be important. But unlike in other markets, where large companies control distribution, small to mid-sized operators can break in and thrive. And their main obstacle isn’t innovation. It isn’t equipment or even costs. It’s finding the right ingredients partner.

Our economies of scale make it possible to supply ingredients to the world’s largest confectioners and the kitchen-table entrepreneur. No matter what your shopping list looks like, we can meet your needs. And we deliver more than ingredients. We deliver best-in-class service and quality, partnering with you to solve problems and create opportunities.

With Batory, you get “industry giant” buying power and a “family owned and operated” commitment to serving your unique needs. How sweet it is.

Beverage Market

If you were to offer a thirsty man all wisdom, you would not please him more than if you gave him a drink.
—Sophocles, philosopher

In the $184 billion U.S. beverage industry, fads bubble up to the surface as quickly as they fizzle flat. As a manufacturer in a fickle environment, you’ve learned to embrace change. And that, of course, means your proverbial cup runneth over—with challenges and opportunities.

At Batory Foods, we serve as your change agent, putting you in the center of those opportunities. Whether you need a blend of high-intensity sweeteners to mitigate the off-tastes of your zero-calorie drink or a whey protein to capture the muscle-recovery dollar, we help you maintain your innovation edge.

Leveraging our collective expertise, in conjunction with our network of technical resources, we provide counsel and identify ingredients to complement your next food development effort. And by streamlining your delivery and ingredient purchasing process, we give you the advantage every player in the beverage market needs: speed.

Right now, manufacturers are racing to meet seemingly unquenchable public interest in low- or zero-calorie offerings—plus fortified and recovery beverages—thanks in part to increased health awareness. With our vast catalog of ingredients, we give you a leg up, supplying a range of sweeteners, from dextrose to Trehalose, Aspartame to Stevia—and virtually everything in between.

Seasoning/Sauces Market

Woe to the cook whose sauce has no sting.
—Geoffrey Chaucer, 14th-century poet

A dash of dressing can lead veggie-phobic children to beg for more salad. A quick marinade can give a novice cook the confidence of a pro. For consumers, that’s a lot of bang for their buck, and they’re seemingly always willing to clear pantry space for new sauces.

Sauce and marinade sales are poised to hit $4.3 billion by 2012, up from $3.3 billion in 2007. In part, that’s because sauces can transform food, bring restaurant flavors home and simplify the cooking process. As a manufacture, however, your process is anything but simple. To create one dressing, for instance, you’re likely to need multiple ingredients from multiple vendors.

Or, you could do it all with Batory: one vendor—and virtually every ingredient you could ever want. Because of our buying power and wide-ranging ingredient list, we can group together and deliver exactly the ingredients you need, exactly when you need them.

For all that, we do more than make deliveries. Committed to providing exceptional, individualized service, Batory Foods becomes a true business partner, helping you navigate the marketplace efficiently and capture market share in a competitive landscape. We like to think of it as . . . dressing for success.