EPIC Event Program I refer to EPIC as the professional love of my life. As associate director, I do a little bit of everything for this nonprofit—and a lot of writing. This lighthearted brochure for our fundraiser tells the story of EPIC in numbers.

Program Excerpt

On December 12, 2008, exactly 11 months ago to the day, EPIC received its articles of incorporation in a packet from our lawyer. That means we’ve existed, in an official way, for 335 days, working to establish a network of creative professionals who like the idea of using their talent to make social change happen. We love the number 335. But it’s not the only number we’ve kept track of. In a lot of ways, numbers tell the story of EPIC’s first year better than we could with words.

117: Names considered before settling on EPIC.
2.5: Pounds of paper in information packet at first board meeting.
501(c)3: Status earned on 01/21/09.
8: Pie charts, abandoned quickly.
3: Pregnant ladies on the board.
998: Words written in form of meeting minutes.
1: Visionary founder with child.
36: Percentage of board meetings that ended at bars.
0: Fights.
181,325: Dollars in hourly fees EPIC volunteers waived for our nonprofit clients.

And then there’s the most important number we have to show for ourselves: It’s 7. Because without the 7 teams of volunteer professionals—52 people in all—who donated their time to create strategic advertising campaigns for 7 Chicago nonprofits, we wouldn’t have gotten past day one.

Clearly, we have an infinite number of people to thank—lawyers, bartenders, the one nice lady at Kinko’s—but we’ll start with all of you who joined us tonight, celebrating and supporting EPIC on this momentous “almost anniversary.”

Now, we invite you to enjoy more hors d’oeuvres, carnations and candy bars than you can count.