William Huber

William Huber: Artist Profile (excerpt)
By Tiffany Meyers, January/February 2006 Issue

It’s high noon, July 1995. For the past forty minutes, William Huber–driving a white Lincoln Continental through the badlands of South Dakota–has been engaged in a mental tug of war with himself.

Some 45 miles back, he saw, and somehow failed to photograph, a tin-shack watering hole he now can’t stop thinking about. He wants to return, but makes a last-ditch effort to capitulate to his sensible inclinations.

The harsh noon light would never yield a good shot, he tells himself, and the round trip would add 80 minutes, none of which he has to spare, to his travel time.

But Huber is there in the first place, driving alone after an ad shoot in Minneapolis, because of his love for Terrence Malick’s Badlands, a movie that “takes time to understand,” he says. “I love to carry around with me something that doesn’t reveal itself easily. I guess it’s like love in many ways. Compelling and impossible to completely understand.”

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