John Hendrix

John Hendrix: Artist Profile (excerpt)
By Tiffany Meyers
, September/October 2009 Issue

It’s a good thing that, when John Hendrix said he’s “a passionate believer in Jesus,” it was over the phone. Otherwise, he’d have seen the rude double take happening on the other end. Hendrix is 33. He’s articulate, unreasonably talented and an SVA grad—all fairly strong indicators of someone with ironic sensibilities.

But now, it’s clear that the fire-and-brimstone drawings scattered about his blog are not ironic. Rendered “pew side” during church sermons, they’re Hendrix’s sincere attempts to make sense of, say, false idols, God’s glory and the Pentecost.

Hendrix, who describes himself as “very much a guy with a sketchbook,” feels most at home as an artist when drawing. It shows. The church sketches are freer and weirder (in the good way) than anything you’d expect from church. They’re also much funnier. Whatever serious stuff he’s working through in his head, he’s also clearly having fun with the surreal tropes of Biblical scripture. There are robots. Nearsighted rabbits. And dry bones, rising from the dead.

Later, in a St. Louis coffee shop named, hilariously, Meshuggah, Hendrix talks openly about being a young, evangelical Christian illustrator in a secular world.

My full profile of John Hendrix appears in Communication Arts’ September/October 2009 issue. It was also reprinted with permissions here.

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