Colle+McVoy: Agency Profile (excerpt)
By Tiffany Meyers, March/April 2011 Interactive Annual 17

Creative reinvention. It’s something like bipartisanship, happy holidays and other modern conundrums: Scads of people identify it as a goal, then stumble when trying to make it real. Even for nimble agencies, change is tumultuous. So imagine the prospects for a 75-year-old ad agency. In the Midwest. With a portfolio full of agriculture clients. If Colle+McVoy is any indication, nothing—not even the creative reawakening of a mid-sized Minneapolis agency established in 1935—is impossible.

In 2004, marketing veteran Christine Fruechte joined Colle+McVoy as President and CEO. Her charge was to breathe new life into the agency, attracting consumer clients and improving the creative and strategic offering.

But she inherited a business in a modern but sterile suburban building, some of whose people were wed to the past. While the work was strong in pockets, particularly from the design department directed by Ed Bennett, B2B accounted for more than 70 percent of revenue.

The complete profile on Colle+McVoy, which appears in Communication Arts’ March/April 2011 issue, is available to subscribers only. Please visit the magazine’s website for more information.

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