Penelope Dullaghan

Penelope Dullaghan: Artist Profile (excerpt)
By Tiffany Meyers, January/February Advertising Annual 50

Occasionally, in American museums or cultural centers, you’ll come across a crowd of whispering people, gathered around a group of Tibetan monks as they practice the sacred art of dul-tson-kyil-khor. For days, the crowd will watch the holy men slowly construct mandala of the most intricate detail, using millions of grains of colored sand.

When it’s complete, the crowd will then watch as the monks ritualistically destroy it. For some, it’s difficult to even fathom. For the monks, the process represents the impermanence of life, the principle of detachment and, as they release the sand into a body of water, a symbol of the earth’s cycles.

Winona Lake, Indiana, is about 12,937 miles from Tibet. But illustrator Penelope Dullaghan shortens the distance.

The complete profile on Penelope, which appears in Communication Arts’ January/February 2010 issue, is available to subscribers only. Please visit the magazine’s website for more information.

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